Aug 22, 2009


In this time of economic turmoil and downturn for many, I want to revisit finances. We choose to hire the services of a fee-only Certified Financial Planner. ( He not only invests our money in ways we approve, he also looks at our overall financial picture. It was partly because of his influence that I got longterm care insurance several years ago. While my hope is that we will not need to use it, it is a relief to me that we have it in case it is necessary. We also have umbrella liability coverage, which is also a relief to me because I am on the board of directors of a nonprofit which has financial difficulties. It helps me be at peace that my umbrella liability policy is a protective factor for the potential mishaps and actions of others. He and his staff have copies of our wills and living wills, which they review to ensure that we are well covered with having happen what we want to occur upon our deaths and dying.

Some people have said to me that they cannot afford good financial advise. I believe that a person cannot afford not to have good financial advise. I am very good at managing my own money and went for years without a hired advisor. My life is simpler and I have more peace knowing that I have hired expertise to supplement my own expertise.

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