Apr 27, 2011

Memory tips

"If your risk factors for disease are controlled -- blood pressure, blood glucose, chronic stress -- then 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least five days a week is one of the most effective ways to keep your brain sharp," Nancy Johnson, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

As dementia caregivers we really are now remembering for two of us. I find I am checking to make sure lights, water taps, etc. are turned off -- as we have reached the stage of dementia where these are occurring more often. That is on top of remembering his medications, our appointments, all the bill paying, when to service the car, etc. So, how do we help our own memories? In addition to the above good suggestion, plenty of rest, putting things in the same spot all the time, good nutrition and stress relieving strategies are helpful. It is imperative that we take good care of ourselves, and our own memory is one of the things to protect and nurture.

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