Apr 5, 2011


"Patience is related to authentic spiritual courage. All we can do is act with integrity, in accordance with our priorities and the guidance of the still, small voice within." Dr. Joan Borysenko.

Perhaps other dementia caregivers are gifted with abundant patience. My natural pace is efficient and quick. It is so difficult to adjust to the pace that Dwane now needs. Getting in and out of a car, moving into any building, getting ready to go: all seem to take forever. Even clasping his seat belt. I try to slow down, and even better, I try to give him enough "heads-up" so that he can be ready when we need to go. He has never been spontaneous, but now needs lots of time to assimilate.

How do you find the patience needed in your caregiving capacity?


  1. I stopped praying for it. LOL!!
    Tribulation worketh patience.

    We aren't born with it, we learn it.
    We learn it by the trials of tribulation.

    I can't fix the trying experience, I can't change it, so I must accept it.
    I don't have to like it and many times I don't, but my reaction of not reacting (most of the time) keeps me in a better mind frame.

    I hear you, it takes us at LEAST 2 hrs (and getting longer) to get ready to go anywhere. These days anywhere is the Dr and I also have to allow a trip to the restroom once we get there, which takes time also. Hubby can't help how he responds, but I can how I respond.
    That's what works for me :)