Oct 17, 2014

Seeing Beauty Everywhere

  1. "Instead of just seeing the yellow primrose, what he could have seen was God's thought of himself coming out into wonderful beauty, and color, and form; the Infinite One manifesting in an infinite variety of forms." Ernest Holmes

    What a lovely suggestion.   Instead of seeing just the yellow primrose, or the Ponderosa pine, or the ravaged body of our loved one -- what if we saw instead the beauty of God's thought of Him/Herself coming out into wonderful beauty and form?  It might give us another way of looking at things. All things.  Yesterday I called hospice.  I know we are in the end stages of this ravaging disease, and hospice is a wonderful service which can come into place in the last months.  I was told they can send a chaplain to pray with the person, send a social worker to visit, send a nurse to give one more bath a week and check for skin breakdown, and provide what is needed to be sure the person is without pain.  I recommend you call them when you believe the time is right.  

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