Jan 8, 2011


"The National Institute on Aging and the Administration on Aging are now financing caregiving studies on “things that just kind of make the life of an Alzheimer’s patient and his or her caregiver less burdensome,” said Sidney M. Stahl, chief of the Individual Behavioral Processes branch of the Institute on Aging. “At least initially, these seem to be good nonpharmacological techniques. These techniques include using food, scheduling, art, music and exercise to generate positive emotions; engaging patients in activities that salvage fragments of their skills; and helping caregivers be more accepting and competent.” NY Times.

How comforting to know that research is occurring not just for causes and prevention of dementia, but also to consider the aspects of caregiving and how to make it easier. It will benefit us to keep abreast of this research. What Sidney M. Stahl says above I have found in our own situation. Music, other forms of art and recreation, good food, appropriate exercise, a positive emotional environment: all have helped to make this an easier journey not just for him, but for me. Tonight we see an old classic movie that we should both enjoy, The African Queen. I have found it is easier for Dwane to follow the plot of the older movies, probably both because the movie is familiar, but also it seems that the plots that are less convoluted. It pays off, in my opinion, to find forms of recreation that both you and the person for whom you provide care enjoy.

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