Jan 1, 2011

New Year

"The first light of 2011 is a moment when we can realize that this new beginning is an opportunity for new thought," Celeste A. Frazier.

The 6th step in handling stress in the January 2011 Prevention Magazine is "Connect with your spiritual side." So important for the quality of one's life. And spirituality is not synonymous with religion, although it can sometimes be expressed in one's religious practices. "People who are spiritual or religious stay healthier and report higher levels of well-being than those who aren't." So, how does one develop one's spiritual side? Being present in the moment, enjoying aspects of nature, creating a sacred space in your home in which to listen to music or meditate, join a prayer/support group, read books which inspire you. Find what works for you, and let us commit to developing the spiritual side of ourselves even more in 2011. Let us practice positive thinking and implement practices that support our well being. As caregivers these practices of taking care of ourselves is even more critical.

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