Jan 23, 2011


"There simply is not enough money in the world to buck the natural currents of individual freedom and independence of thought."--- Abraham

How wonderful that we each have such good thoughts, and that the internet has dramatically leveled the playing field in being able to share those thoughts. Over history people who were working on similar creations tended to move to live in the same areas; think Paris during the Impressionist period. What I would like to create with this blog is a vehicle in which we can share our best thinking about how to live with and help someone in our lives deal with dementia, graciously. I invite readers of this blog to share what works best for them, and I pledge I will do the same. With our various ideas and expertise, we can make this a more pleasant journey for us all.

An idea of mine to share today is the watching of old movies. Dwane can no longer follow complex plots or conversations, but he does enjoy some of the older and perhaps simpler plots in familiar movies. We have set up the routine of a tasty and nutritious meal (I really enjoy cooking.), followed by a movie. Libraries, Netflix and borrowing from others are all ways we obtain movies. What is an idea you can share with the rest of us today?


  1. Hubby and I are a little past watching movies together now. Even simple plots are not so simple for him.

    One thing that has been a WONDERFUL thing for us, we received a digital picture frame as a gift for Christmas a year ago. I scanned pictures and loaded a memory card with as many old and recent photos as I could find and keep the frame on the wall nearest Hubby.
    He likes to sit and look at it and we talk about who and or what is in the pictures and how they have changed over the years or what we remember about that time.
    I even have pictures of places we visited, friends, our pets(recent and past) and our home.
    I have before and after pictures of our home when we put new siding and a roof on it.
    I always find it interesting that Hubby can remember the house in the before photo but his Lewy Body Dementia has removed the recognition in the after.

  2. Excellent suggestion, Kathy. I knew when I wrote my suggestion that not all people with dementia would still follow movie plots, and I am delighted that you have given us an idea for what could be used next, a digital photo frame. Great idea, and it not only serves to entertain, but to remember.