Jan 2, 2011

On'e effect

"All's love yet all's law," Robert Browning.

The great poet, Robert Browning, could have meant several things by the above quote, but let us consider today that he meant that everything is good and as long as we act within that law, good will come to us. Similar to the idea of karma -- in that one's actions will return onto her/him. Emerson said that when we seek to harm another, we but find that we are beating our own bleeding breast. Same idea. Our thoughts go out on an energetic ride, and the quality of our thinking is what returns to us. Many believe this is as much a law as is the law of gravity. One's thoughts and actions are what creates one's life. Even if that were not true, we are healthier and happier when we think thoughts of kindness toward ourselves and others. So, for 2011 let us commit to thinking, speaking and acting only love and kindness toward ourselves and all others.

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