Nov 29, 2012

90-Second Rule

"What makes success is not your genius idea, but the execution and follow-through around it.  Each of us has a 'strike zone' of ninety seconds in which we can easily act on a good idea or opportunity before our brain starts to scream excuses at us." Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I have read similar things.  Abraham literature suggests that if we hold an idea for 17 seconds, those seventeen seconds give the idea more power.  So, if we combine the two suggestions:  we have 90 seconds on which to act on an idea before our brains start to dissuade us, AND once we have an idea, if we hold the positive outcome of that idea in mind for seventeen seconds, the idea is helped energetically.  I have seen a third thing happen:  a person has a good idea and talks and talks and talks about it, but never takes action.  What seems to be needed here, and the research around change in our behavior supports this, is the action step.  All of us have good ideas.  The important thing is to take action to bring the idea into fruition.  Even holding the positive outcome of the idea for seventeen seconds is taking action.  Today, let us take action on our good ideas. 

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