Nov 18, 2012

Self Compassion

"Research suggests that self-compassion provides an island of calm, a refuge from the stormy seas of endless positive and negative self-judgment, so that we can finally stop asking, "Am I as good as they are? Am I good enough?" By tapping into our inner wellsprings of kindness, acknowledging the shared nature of our imperfect human condition, we can start to feel more secure, accepted, and alive." Kristen Neff speaker on Self Compassion

Those of us who are caregivers may very well benefit from increased levels of self compassion.  During a recent stressful period of caregiving and life circumstances, I began having ocular migraines -- which affected the vision in my right eye.  History would indicate that I have good coping skills and resiliency, but even with those skills, stress can take a toll.  Neff suggests that self compassion is as simple as:   breaking self-criticizing habits, relaxing, allowing life to be as it is, and opening your heart to yourself.   She says that it's easier than you might think, and it could change your life.  Breaking self-criticism would seem to be the big ticket item of the suggestions.  One way I help myself not to criticize myself is by adopting the habit of not criticizing anyone.  It is easier than one might think:  just make the decision to not judge ourselves or anyone else.  Let us live with compassion toward ourselves and each other.  We all benefit from such a worldview. 

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