Nov 23, 2012

Successful Aging

"It's especially important for older people to be physically active because it contributes to successful aging." American Heart Association

Physically active older adults have lower inflammation than inactive adults.  Inflammation is a factor in many diseases, to include heart disease.  It's never too late to get started (you might want to have a visit with your doctor to okay your exercising if you have been inactive).  According to the American Heart Association those of us who are physically active have "substantially lower healthcare costs" compared to people who are less fit and active.  So, how about no more excuses?  Let's get moving.  A brisk walk (studies suggest 10,000 steps a day is optimal), gardening, biking, and home maintenance all count.  The important thing is to be moving our bodies.  I also think it is important that we like our form of exercise.  I have found a water aerobics group that is friendly, fun, inclusive and positive.  It meets my needs for exercise and fun, with some added social benefits. 

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