Nov 27, 2012

Social Support

"Staying in touch is good for your health.  Social detachment is as bad for you as smoking and worse than obesity." Holly Zimmerman

One of the difficult things for 24/7 caregivers is having social support themselves.  Now that Dwane is in assisted living, that is easier for me -- but not as built-in as it is for him.  The secret seems to be to have some close relationships; ones we can really count on.  In a discussion with a friend recently, we agreed that positive and supportive friends are essential.  Some caregivers find support in support groups for caregivers.  Others find support with family who help with caregiving.  Others find support in friendships.   Life coaching, as I have mentioned before in this blog, works for me -- because I am able to process something when someone practices holy listening with me.  Holy listening is:  listening that is based on nonjudgment and has as its intention supporting my best interest.  Whatever form of support works for you, it is essential that you have it.

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