Nov 14, 2012


"Sleep deprivation can significantly weaken immune function, and that can make you more susceptible to infection.  Going to bed at a reasonable hour ensures you will enter cold and flu season with your immune system in top form." Paul Lyons, M.D.

Other ideas for staying healthy in the winter are:  keep exercising and have some of that outdoors, wash your hands and wipe down areas that people frequently touch (I use disinfecting wipes.), get a flu shot, and keep your hands to yourself --- which means consider giving a fist bump instead of shaking hands. (taken from Parade magazine November 4, 2012)  As caregivers for someone with dementia, we need to be vigilant about taking care of our own health, and that includes avoiding the flu.  Above are some ideas from doctors about how they stay healthy all winter.  Let us stay healthy together.  Have you gotten your flu shot?

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