Nov 13, 2012

More Stress Reduction Tips

"When stress makes you unfocused, caffeine's stimulating qualities may promote a can-do attitude.  To super-size that good feeling, drink your coffee with a little bit of organic whole milk instead of fat free.  The extra protein and fat make you feel more satiated and therefore calmer." Drew Ramsey, MD, Columbia University

Finishing the stress-reducing tips from the December 2012 Prevention Magazine:

  • Eat grass-fed beef because it has good levels of iron.  As many as 15% of women ages 20 to 40 are iron deficient.
  • Natural soothers:  milky oat seed tincture:  2-3 ml instantly relaxes.  Tea with kava.  Lemon, lime and orange scents -- dissolve 15 drops of one of those essential oils in 2 tablespoons of water, put into a spray bottle and mist your house for a pick-me-up, and mist your pillow with lavender oil before going to bed.
  • Think sensually:  Doing things that feel good, like taking a warm shower or listening to a favorite piece of music help support the release of endorphins which make us feel better.
Try any of these stress-reducing tips to feel better and to cope better.

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