Nov 28, 2012

Monitoring our Voice

"For the next week, don't say anything unkind, untrue, or unnecessary."  Rev. Sally Robbins

The above quote is an assignment from a teacher to a class that Rev. Robbins was in.   She relates that none of the students made it even one day; much less one week without violating the assignment.  The assignment is good practice.  How much would be said if we each monitored our talking to only that which is true, kind and necessary?!  At a recent breakfast gathering with friends, I noticed that I said things that were unnecessary; and we have all been in situations where we have noticed others saying things that are unnecessary.  The discussion at the breakfast was how one town did not treat a neighboring town kindly.  Having history in the area, I related a time when the tables were reversed; and the town being mistreated had been unkind to the other.  Was that necessary for me to contribute?  Probably not.  But it did help the others at the table (who live in the town being treated badly) that at one time the situation was reversed.  Perhaps by their knowing that, they can help stop this cycle of unkindness.  We have no control over what others do, but we each can decide to say only things which are kind, true and necessary.  Are you up to the challenge?  Let us choose for the next week to not say anything that is untrue, unkind and/or unnecessary.  Let us speak ONLY what is kind, true and necessary. 

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