Feb 28, 2012

Inner congruence

"We have no chance of discovering the fullness of our inner music, if we don't let the players in our hearts and minds and spirits tune. Experience is the way that the heart and mind and spirit practice what they need to play." Mark Nepo

I like the nonjudgmental way Mark Nepo presents life. He acknowledges that we will have opposing voices in our head, and he says - let them speak: 'they are only finding their part in a larger, yet-to-be-heard song'. He states that confusion is the tension of trying to make sense of things too soon; that it takes time for the heart and the mind and the spirit to come into congruency. I think this might be a good approach to life: to trust in the process of our hearts and our minds and our spirits coming into congruency - or what Nepo would call coming together. He contends that experiencing relationships brings us to Love; honoring our questions leads to Wisdom and traveling the trail of our changing our beliefs leads us to God.

How does this apply to caregiving? It seems to me that we need to experience the change in our relationship with the care receiver and others, acknowledge the questions we have about how and why this is what is up for us right now in life, and be willing to change what we believe about what this might mean for us. It is worth considering.

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