Feb 11, 2012


"Your field of energy is protected from contamination by kindness." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr. Dyer speaks of how important it is to keep our own energy in the higher vibration of love, joy, forgiveness; and he says the best way to do that is by practicing kindness.  He is speaking of the people who are functioning at a lower vibration, perhaps like those we have all heard called 'energy vampires' - those people who seem to suck you dry in moments.  He seems to say that this is a reality; people who are functioning at the low levels of jealousy, greed, anger can, indeed, affect the energy of others.  In order to maintain the higher vibration of love and kindness, we either have to avoid those people or we can practice sending kindness their way.  This is even true of us in caregiver situations.  I live with someone who seems to be in almost perpetual complaint - a very low vibration.  What I am doing that seems to be working, is to not engage in his complaints, but to treat him with kindness.  What works for you with people who drain or negatively affect your energy?

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