Feb 5, 2012

Ways to develop self-compassion

"Self compassion stresses living in the present moment, aware of one's own thoughts and feelings." Siegel & Hartzell

So, if self-compassion is the route to healthier self regard and a defense against depression and anxiety, how do we develop it more fully?  Researchers have outlined several ways: 
Gratitude:  daily list 3 things that went well (an activity already recommended by this blog)
Gratitude:  write a letter to someone who did something for us for which we are grateful
Savor:  think about 2 experiences you found pleasurable today
Touch:  give yourself a hug when you feel bad
Develop compassionate guardian images:  imagine a physical representation of your ideal of compassion
Write compassionate letter:  Compose a letter written from the above imagined compassionate guardian to you.

If love begins at home, what better way than to practice self-compassion toward oneself.

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