May 18, 2012

65 million U.S. Caregivers

"You have to forgive yourself for doing the best you can (in caregiving).  Nobody gave you a handbook." Jai Pausch, wife of Randy Pausch and author of Dream New Dreams

The story of someone who provided caregiving, watched her husband die, and now - 4 years later has remarried.  Her book, which I have not yet read, is said to encourage caregivers to forgive themselves for not doing caregiving perfectly and to know we will dream new dreams at some point.  Her deceased husband's book, The Last Lecture, was instrumental in forming how Dwane and I responded to Dwane's diagnosis of a progressive and terminal illness.  Perhaps his wife's book will be a good read for caregivers.  At least it is hopeful to think that we may once again have a life we can call our own.  While none of us would wish the early death of the person for whom we provide care, the truth is that in too many respects our own lives are on hold while we deal with the many challenges and facets of this disease and caregiving someone who has the disease.

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