May 22, 2012

Careful what we think

"We are always affirming something." Ernest Holmes

What a lot of wisdom in just five words.  With our thoughts, words and actions we are always affirming something.  I have heard it said that one knows what one's true god is if we take a moment to notice our thoughts when idle.  If we take a moment to notice our thoughts when not occupied by something else, what are we thinking about?  Too often, I find I am thinking of a problem - how to solve it, or I am thinking of tasks that need to be done.  This morning upon awakening to the beauty, coolness and fog, I found myself thinking that the lawn needed mowing!  What do you find yourself thinking?  If we habitually think of problems or tasks to be done, we will find a host of problems and tasks to do.  How about instead we train ourselves to think thoughts of love, abundance, joy, goodness?  It is possible.  Psychologists state that it takes just 30 days to make something a habit.  Let us make positive thoughts, words and actions a habit in these next 30 days.  Today I will think of joy, well being, contentment.  It's too wet to mow anyway, and tasks can usually wait and take their turn.  The mowing will still be there; I do not need to think of it.

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