May 7, 2012

Overly Scheduled

"I can so easily become a slave to a schedule I create." Mark Nepo

On a recent day I had scheduled to go visit Dwane, it occurred to me that as long as I was out, I should go by the post office.  And, then, I would be near the store that sold the jigsaw puzzles with the bigger pieces that Dwane and I like.  Driving, I glanced down and saw I needed to fill with gas.  And, as long as I was going to that gas station, there was that car wash I liked nearby.  And, why not take a walk  while I am down in this lower elevation with dry ground? 

It is so easy for me to over schedule myself.  Part of that is being efficient and having an eye toward not wasting time and resources; but part of it is not being faithful to my own rhythm and natural flow.  In our culture, we are so encouraged to be busy.  Have you noticed many people when asked how they are, say with a sigh, "Busy."?  Being too busy is part of what wore me down.  Getting Dwane to his PT exercises, weekly trips to the store to buy just exactly what he wanted --- and then back to the store to get what he had forgotten to list, following up on his prescriptions, taking him to doctors and dentists.  Just this week I finally had the time and energy to follow up on checking on my own cataract surgery.  As caregivers we are overly busy and overly scheduled.  Even when the care receiver is in a facility, we still do all appointments, prescriptions, etc.  Plus juggling time to be with the person.  For me, it is important that I have some days that have no commitments.  That way I can recover.

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