May 26, 2012


". . the ways of others will fill the space we live in if we don't fill that space with our own authentic presence." Mark Nepo

It seems that one of the pitfalls of caregiving is the losing of oneself.  Much like what occurs in relationships in which there is an addiction.  The caregiver becomes so involved, dare I say entangled, in the caregiving that she or he completely loses track of the thread of her or his own life.  Now, seven weeks since Dwane moved into assisted living, just now I am beginning to feel new life and new energy in my own life.  I am so glad I honored the month of seclusion and healing that I intuitively knew I needed.  It was important to not push myself to do anything, after so much activity in the acts of caregiving.  Yesterday, I felt new energy about my own life; something I have not felt in a very long time.  This new energy comes from honoring the healing I needed from the marathon of caregiving.  It was helped along by doing a healing and releasing ceremony that a reader of this blog recommended to me.  Georgi suggested I do a healing of the energies in this house, which I did.  I believe this helped both Dwane and me adjust, with contentment, to our new lives.  Part of the significant fatigue for me in caregiving was losing sight of who I am.  As I return to my own authenticity (with the time and energy available to do so), I have renewed energy.  As caregivers, it is important that we not lose sight of our own lives.  What ways serve you in staying authentic to your own experience?

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