Jun 25, 2012

Books on Tape

When asked what he thought people needed to do to bring peace, the Dalai Lama said, "Critical thinking, following by action."

The librarian,who is a friend, today suggested books on tape for Dwane.  Not the kind that people get to listen to in their cars.  These books on tape include a simple-to-use cd player and are designed for the visually impaired.  I checked the machine and a cd out and will have him try it to see if it works for him.  It may help the problem he has following the print because of his double vision.  Perhaps this will enable him to continue to enjoy books.  Every state library has these cd machines and cd's for anyone who has difficulty reading.  Eye doctors have done all they can to help with this double vision, so perhaps this may be of help.   The program is called, Talking Books.

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