Jun 7, 2012

Signs of Spring

s man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring.
Jane Fonda

Out of context, I am not sure what Jane Fonda means, although having read her autobiography, she seems to have experienced that men have rights that women strive for.  Certainly, that seems to be the pattern of modern society.  We sometimes read that it was not always so.  The Lakota and other indigenous peoples are said to have been matriarchal societies.  It seems that a balance, both interior to the individual and exterior to society, might be the answer.  But, to spring.  Walking on the trail through the woods that I so love, I saw my first-of-this-season hatched robin's egg.  Such an exquisite blue.  And, instead of the mother bird sitting on the nest in the wreath on my front wall, there are downy heads to be seen.  Spring arrived some time ago for those of you in lower elevations and latitudes, but spring seems to have even arrived up here.  So, as caregivers, let us enjoy the spring.  Let this spring be a new season of renewal for us as caregivers.  What can you do today to refresh yourself?  Please do it.

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