Jun 11, 2012


"As it's give me to perceive, I most certainly believe, when a man's glad plumb though, God's pleased with him, same as you." James Whitcomb Riley

I was coaching a woman earlier today about her wanting more joy in her life.  It does seem reasonable to believe that what God wants for us is to be in joy.  Joyous.  That may be what Joseph Campbell meant when he recommended that we follow our bliss.  Yet, those same great thinkers admit that life does have its ups and downs.  The secret, perhaps, is to accept that and to not lash against it.  When bad things happen, it is not personal.  We live in a universe in which disappointments, disease and upset occur.  Perhaps it is in accepting that, truly accepting that, that we are free to be in joy.  Are you willing to join me in joy today?

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