Jun 23, 2012

Hatred is destructive

"Hate is a very big and very hungry thing with lots of sharp teeth, and it will eat up your whole heart and leave no room left for love," Amish Grace movie line.

It is sometimes tempting to hate.  Hate the disease that has destroyed the essence of someone we love, hate the people who misunderstand and judge us for the decisions we make within the caregiving role, hate how we react sometimes to the disease, hate the way the disease imprisons both the care receiver and the caregiver.  Lots of excuses to hate, and it seems we humans are sometimes on the lookout for an excuse upon which to lay the blame for the behaviors we choose.  But, the line above speaks the truth.  Hate will destroy the person carrying it.  I watched the Amish Grace movie, based on the true events of the school shooting, and I wept at the graciousness of the Amish people in forgiving the man who shot their children and in their kindness to his widow and children.  If these people could choose love and nobility in such difficult circumstances, surely we can choose to express love in our situations.  What action of love can you perform for yourself and others today?

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