Jun 6, 2012

Protecting our Freedom

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill."  Wilbur Wright
While writing in this blog, a B1-B Lancer flew overhead.  Sometimes we are in their flight pattern as they take off or land at a nearby Air Force Base.  With Memorial Day just past, I went to the deck to watch the low-flying airplane and to give thanks.  Thanks to all those who have served and/or given their lives for the freedom of us all.  Thank you.  Some have sacrificed so much for the rest of us.  As I enjoy the freedoms afforded me by the forefathers and mothers of this country and by the men and women who have actively served to protect these freedoms, I want to thank each of you on behalf of us all.  It is often only when I visit a distant country which has less freedom than ours, that I pause to give thanks.  Freedom is an inherent right for every human.  For those of us who are caregivers for someone with dementia, we must stand firm to protect our own freedom, while also advocating for the balance of freedom and safety for the person with dementia.  I don't believe that it is a conscious action, but it is my experience that the person with dementia will --- without intention, take away every bit of the freedom of the caregiver.  As we have people who serve to protect our rights and freedoms as a nation, we - as caregivers - must be vigilant to protect our own freedom.

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