Jun 2, 2012

Eating utensils

"Throughout all the ten regions of the Universe, there is no place where the Source is not." Hakuin

Comforting thought.  When I spend the day with Dwane and he is filled with litanies of complaints, I remember that Source or God or Higher Power is there -- in that facility -- too.  The OT (occupational therapist) I made the appointment with and drove Dwane to had a good suggestion about eating utensils.  Perhaps readers of this blog will already know about weighted handles on eating utensils.  It helps someone with the tremors of Lewy Bodies Dementia have better control in getting the food off the plate and into the mouth.  I thought I would have to buy them online, but we stopped at the home health equipment store to get Dwane some bigger compression socks (his feet and ankles continue to swell with fluid), and lo and behold, they had the utensils.  And, less expensive that the list the OT had given me for online purchase.  When eating lunch with Dwane recently, I noticed that he and a woman at our table had a lot of trouble getting food onto their spoon or fork, and then getting that food into their mouth.  I am hoping these weighted handled fork and spoon will help.

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