Jun 18, 2012

Naming the Beauty

"We help heal the world by having the courage to name the beauty in it and call it out into full splendor." Jesse Jennings

Once again, it depends upon where one focuses one's attention.  Do we see beauty or do we see difficulties?  Time spent with Dwane nowadays tends to be upsetting to me because of his negativity.  It can cause me so much distress that I cannot sleep.  He is having a worse time with negativity right now because he is discontent with being in assisted living, fueled by misinformation from the relative who has inserted herself and is adding drama.  But, if I am very honest with myself, it was his negativity that was the most wearing for me in the 24-7 caregiving.  A dear friend who worked in geriatrics once told me that people do not change as they get old, they just get more of whatever they always were.  My observations would support that.  But, as they say in Alanon, I cannot take anyone else's inventory.  I can only take mine, and I choose to see the beauty in my life.  It is abundant.  I have children with whom I can have heartfelt conversations.  I see miracles in their lives.  I see the beauty in my natural surroundings; in what I call my friends:  the trees, the living water in the rushing creek.  Today a good breakfast and a walk on the trail through the woods that I so love.

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