Jun 29, 2012


"I read your blog every day. It keeps me going.  Please continue your blog as you have been." comment from a reader who has a spouse with Lewy Bodies Dementia

I am so grateful for comments like the one above from readers who affirm that this blog is a source of support to them.  I know how busy we caregivers are, and for a reader to take the time to write such a lovely note of encouragement is so appreciated.  This comment caused me to think of other things about which to be grateful.  The staff at the assisted care facility told me today that Dwane is happy there.  He seems to complain only to me and other select family members.  It makes me wonder which is the 'real' Dwane:  the one who complains to a couple people or the one who appears happy and says he is happy with multiple staff members at the facility.  Perhaps both are the 'real' person, but at least it gives me comfort to take the word and observations of these trained professionals.  I am grateful too, for a staff member to find me to tell me how soothing and respectful are the conversations and visits my sister has with Dwane.  I am grateful for all these examples of hope and support.  Respectful support for both Dwane and me.

When we seem to be the target of some criticism is perhaps the very time it is important to look around and see all the blessings in our lives, all the people who do love and support us and the care receiver, all the good we are doing - collectively, in the ways we provide caregiving.  Thank you to each of you.   You have my admiration and gratitude.

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