Aug 29, 2012

Creative Energy

"Creative energy, when not used, becomes anxiety that can make one very hungry." Rev. Bob Luckin

In the above quote, Rev. Luckin is referring to his tendency to overeat and be overweight as a reaction to anxiety, but the idea that unused creative energy become anxiety is applicable to many things.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to discuss finances with some people:  a very rare opportunity, as most people avoid talking about money to about the same extent they avoid talking about sexual practices.  Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, says in his book that talking about money issues is very different among those people who do well with money and those who do not.  People who do well with money talk about money, how they make it, the mistakes they have made, investment opportunities.  Whereas, most people keep their handling of money secretive.  The discussion we had about handling of money, which was open and honest, was a healthy use of creative energy.  Stewarding our money is a creative activity, and we benefit when we share ideas about how to steward our money.  There are many ways to exercise our creative energy rather than allowing it to turn into anxiety.  Rev. Luckin found "the courage to examine how my thinking was the thing I needed to weigh."  We can also find the courage to examine how our thinking can be channeled into creative outlets rather than into anxiety. 

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