Aug 10, 2012


"Transformation always involves the falling away of things we have relied on, and we are left with a feeling that the world as we know it is coming to an end, because it is."  Mark Nepo

There are times during the period when we are caregivers that we have an opportunity to transform ourselves.  It is possible to become too identified with our role as a caregiving, and in that case, it can involve letting that image of ourselves fall away.  It does the care receiver and us no benefit if we lose ourselves in the caregiving role.  It does not necessarily mean no longer being a caregiver, but I think we who are caregivers are served by periodically assessing if we need to let some aspect of our personal identification with caregiving fall away.  That could include a person who feels needed by caregiving, or a person who wants to look good for others by caregiving:  whenever it is a role that is prominent, our true authenticity suffers.  One thing is certain:  we are caregivers right now.  But, that does not need to be our identification.  We can be first human, and caregiving can be among the roles we have in life:  not the only one nor even the primary one. 

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