Dec 19, 2014

Benefit of Errors

"Learning something new? Go ahead and screw up a few times.  Your brain's motor-control center, the cerebellum, has a coaching mechanism that automatically and unconsciously logs - and then learns from - errors, speeding you toward better proficiency." Science magazine

If you, like I did, grew up with some beliefs that one had to be perfect, that mistakes were to be avoided -- even if it meant not trying for something wanted, then this research will be good news for you too.  Mistakes are not only part of being human; we are hardwired to benefit from them.  And, we should have known that all along -- after all, haven't we all watched toddlers learn to walk?  They stumble, they fall, they get up, and they try again.  Let that be true for us too.  Let us try, perhaps fail, get up and try again.  Our brains are hardwired to help us out with doing it right.

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