Dec 21, 2014

Releasing the Need to Control

  1. "Challenging situations can spur drama that diverts my attention.  The tension in my body may restrict the flow of ideas to my brain and love to my heart." Unity

    We encounter many stressful situations in life, and, certainly, caregiving is one of the greatest.  But, even happy occasions can be stressful.  Think of the stress of weddings.  The key is to remain calm.  I love the quote from the Peanuts column from Lucy, I think, "You are straining my equanimity."  Life and other people can strain our equanimity.  Our task, for our own health and well being, is to remain calm.  We can do this by managing our thoughts toward positive ones, meditating, prayer, practicing gratitude, walks in nature --- any and all things that return us to calmness and the place where we can listen to the guidance available to us all.  

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