Dec 7, 2014

Happiness as a Goal

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.  Happiness is the goal of every other goal." Deepak Chopra

How happy are you?  Statistics indicate that depression is common among caregivers.  Last week I felt some of the symptoms of depression, and I realized my Vitamin D levels were low again.  Caregiving is stressful.  It is imperative that we are in touch with our own health status and taking steps to preserve it.  Please do not let the disease take both you and your loved one!  Managing our own health is one way to be happy --- it is hard to be happy when we are ill, whether in body or mind.  Arranging events of fun add to happiness, not doing things we do not want to do adds to happiness, having relationships with people who truly care about us adds to happiness, times in nature attribute to happiness.  Let's consider for today that happiness is the purpose of life, and let's choose to be happy.  

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