Dec 28, 2014

Life Is Good

"Sometimes I go about with pity for myself and all the while Great Winds are carrying me across the sky." Ojibway saying

As caregivers it is easy sometimes to feel sorry for ourselves.  Why me?  Why did this happen to us?  It is normal to question life difficulties, but it is not very helpful.  I once read that better than saying, 'why me?' is to say 'why not me?'.  The point, of course, is that what happens to one person really happens to us all.  And within every challenge is a gift for us.  Have you figured out the gift or gifts for you within the task of caregiving?  For me, part of the gift has been to learn to provide care for him without it destroying me.  Research tells us that 1/3 of us caregivers will die from the stress of doing the task and 1/3 will have their health severely damaged.  The other 1/3 will come out of caregiving better people for having done the task.  Into which third do you want to be?

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