Dec 9, 2014

Uniquely You

"You are the only version of you that this universe will ever know.  This is wonderful and disturbing news.  Wonderful because it speaks to the majesty of Creation, and disturbing because it means that no one else can ever really know your truth." Jim Lockard

We have all heard it before.  Just like there are no two snowflakes exactly alike, so too are there no two humans exactly alike.  This is wonderful because only you can make the difference you make in this world.  Much like the old movie with Jimmy Stewart, life simply would not be the same without you.  Knowing the unique impression we have on life; we can make sure that the difference we make is a positive one (because this is a choice -- whether to be a positive or a negative presence).  And, it is also disturbing that we are unique -- because no one will ever perfectly understand you.  Nor will you perfectly understand someone else.  Since our essence will pass through this life only this once, let's make sure we make the impact we want to and of which we are capable.  Only you - with your unique energy - can make your positive difference with the people in your life.

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