Jul 14, 2012

Adaptive Clothing

"Buck & Buck has been providing clothing solutions for nursing home residents and those being cared for at home for 33 years. What began in Seattle as an adaptive clothing service for nursing facilities in the late 70s, has grown to become the national leader in the design and manufacture of specialized clothing. Those caring for people with arthritis, limited range of motion, incontinence, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, MS, MD and many other related challenges have grown to rely on Buck & Buck to solve many of their dressing problems." www.buckandbuck.com

If you, like me, have had trouble finding attractive adaptive clothing, this website may interest you. I have wanted to avoid the sweats I see other residents in, because Dwane prefers a dressier look. But, he now has difficulty with buttons and other closures, and has to wear both suspenders and a belt to keep pants up. So, this website. This company will put velcro on anything instead of buttons or a zipper, and they are normal-looking clothes. There may be other companies as good, but if so, I have been unable to find them. This one is a keeper. Dwane can still have the look he prefers with clothing he can better manage. They even have shoes with easy closures.  Affordable prices too.

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