Jul 23, 2012


"Your beliefs create your personal reality."  Dr. Joe Dispenza

It seems that the idea spoken in the above quote is seen in various places nowadays, and other thinkers in the past have upheld that view as well.  For example, Dr. Viktor Frankl who was able to see beauty and forgiveness in the midst of being a prisoner in a concentration camp.  It sounds simple:  align our beliefs with the quality of life we want to lead.  But, it may not be so simple, as I think there are beliefs of which we are not aware; beliefs that thwart us from creating the life we want to have.  Some beliefs that I have had that I have also chosen to release are:  that one has to work hard to get anywhere in life, that one has to work hard for money, that one could not expect the best, that a person should be afraid if things are going too well because it can't last, that anyone (this almost always is ourselves) does not deserve a good life.  Periodically, I reevaluate my life to see if there are any beliefs of which I am unaware that may be interfering with the quality of my life.  Some things we can do to help us have the life we want are to practice gratitude.  This involves noticing what is right in our lives and then being thankful for those things.  Another action step is to expect good things to happen (because they usually do), and to not take personally when things do not go so well.  What are some of the ways you, as caregiver, support the quality of life you desire?   

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