Jul 1, 2012

Need to Curtail Phoning

"In our fast-paced, wired world, many of us live our lives in chronic stress." Dr. Gary Small author of The Alzheimer's Prevention Program

With the staff at the assisted living, the decision to curtail incoming and outgoing phone calls has been made.  When Dwane is lucid, phone calls are great.  But, when he is not lucid, that is another story.  In recent days he has dialed the wrong number when trying to call me, been belligerent with the person who answer the phone - not understanding why the person could not produce me.  He has called and demanded I pick him up for "the wedding rehearsal" (no idea where he got that idea for me to come get him), and called and demanded I come get him so he can take a shower.  These periods of not being lucid are difficult for us all.  They cause him a lot of confusion.  There was nothing I could do to persuade him that he had not called the correct phone number when he could not get me; that he had dialed it incorrectly.  With the confusion he is causing himself and others, it was decided that phone calls are not in his best interest right now.  It is impossible to know how long these times of not being lucid will last, but having access to a phone - to act out his confusion - is increasing his agitation. 

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