Nov 21, 2013

Fullness of Life

"In the midst of your wounds, I have seen your glory, and it dazzles me." Jean Houston

I have had the good fortune to hear Jean Houston speak in person.  A brilliant and compassionate woman.  Do you see your character flaws as detractions, or do you see them as part of what makes you uniquely who you are?  This does not mean that we do not work at correcting and transforming those character flaws we each have, but what would be the harm in seeing the richness they bring to our personality?  Perhaps you tend to be anxious.  Can you see that as adding to the compassionate person you are?  If you were not anxious, you might be less likely to notice what needs to be changed in the world.  As we evolve as humans, we do integrate those unwieldy parts of ourselves by befriending them; but even then, we will not be perfect human beings.  So, let us revel in our glory -- in the wonderful mix of attributes that make each one of us unique and wonderful human beings. 

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