Sep 12, 2011

Changes and decline

"Prune and cut back on excess, and growth will flourish." Vivan Elisabeth Glyck.

Although the above author is giving guidance for gardening, the same rule of thumb applies to our lives.  Yesterday my daughter and son-in-law came and mowed the lawn and helped me clean out the basement -- a project I have avoided this summer and last.  It was daunting to do it by myself, but an easy 3 hours with her help.  I am so grateful.  All clutter and unused items are gone, and I can now reach my financial records stored on the shelves.  It was interesting to see how Dwane would respond.  He dislikes getting rid of anything and usually hovers, but he acquiesced all to us.  A change. 
An ambivalence not seen before.  He seems to be disengaging from life, except for his own aches and pains, more and more.   It did make the cleaning and sorting easier, but it also served as an announcement that he has really changed.  Now he is having pains in his abdomen.  I guess we will make a doctor appointment.

I am so grateful for my clean, uncluttered garage and house.  Let the cleaning make way for new growth. 

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