Sep 25, 2011

Managing stress

"Managing your response to day-to-day stressors may include learning relaxation techniqus such as deep breathing or meditation, or other mind and body practices such as yoga and tai chi." Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

I would also add prayer, deep breathing, a positive attitude.  Stress is a part of our daily lives as dementia caregivers; some days more so than others.  It is not Dwane's difficulty with comprehension, reasoning, and judgment that cause me the most angst.  It is his belligerence, his extreme defensiveness, his inability to see his part in what he causes to go wrong (i.e., it is not the tv remote, or the telephone, or the clock -- it is his inability to use these devices.)  Part of his dementia is complete inability to see his lack of functioning as the cause of not being able to do something.  That is so frustrating for me, as it seems so reasonable just to try another way rather than blame the device, but that is not within his repertoire any more.  So, how do I handle it?  I make devices he might use as simple as possible, and I try not to listen to his complaining -- which is not only irrational; it is frustrating for me. 

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