Sep 10, 2011

Congealed thoughts

"Whatever is in front of us is congealed thought, no more or less." Dr. Jesse Jennings.

Hmmmm.  Sobering thought.  What if it might be true that the content and quality of our lives is the result of our thoughts?  It is both sobering and liberating; because if our thoughts created this life and we don't like it, it would seem all we need to do is change the content of our thoughts to change our lives.  It is worth an experiment.  What is there to lose?  Let us today practice noticing what is good around us and thinking more thoughts in alignment with how we want our lives to look.  Being dementia caregivers might just give us the time away from the world to create an experiment situation.  (I know very well the numbers of tasks you, as caregivers, have to do; but we also might be spared some of the distractions of work and world.)  Let us experiment together for one week noticing the good in the world around us and thinking thoughts that align with the lives we want for ourselves.      

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