Sep 1, 2011

Joy of life

"Think of a tree, or any living event that emerges from within itself.  It is the degree to which it obeys its inner commitment to unfold a certain pattern that enables it to overcome all of the resistance and obstacles in the environment, and to demonstrate itself as a vast and vital manifestation of the energy of life," Swami Chetanananda.

Driving recently in a rural area, motion caught my eye, and there frolicking on someone's lawn in the midst of a herd of bighorn sheep was a lamb.  What a joyous treat!  In my life I have only seen a baby bighorn sheep a couple of times.  The sight brought a smile to my face and a joyous expansion to my heart.  The herd was sedately eating the green lawn grass, but the lamb seemed to be leaping for joy.  The lamb was a good symbol for how best to approach life.  Perhaps we are too mature to leap for joy, but we can unleash our enthusiasm for life.  If Abraham is correct in that it is our emotions which attract and create the events of our lives, then it behooves us to reach for the higher emotions:  such as joy, contentment, enthusiasm and appreciation.
  By Carl Brenders

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