Sep 11, 2011


"Peace must exist at the center of everything or the universe itself would be a chaos.  I am one with this deep, abiding peace.  I know that all is well."  Dr. Ernest Holmes.

For years when I am feeling stressed or afraid, I have used the mantra, "All is well."  Because, usually, in that moment, all is actually well.  I think peace is one of the most important qualities we can bring to our own lives, the lives of others and the world at large.  The only way we can bring peace, is to enjoy peace ourselves.  And, how do we do that in the midst of providing care within the erratic decline in the person with dementia?  One way I do is by hiring help.  The agency homemaker who comes now cleans my house for me, and that frees me to do the things that I never had time to do -- like get rid of the clutter.  The handyman who comes has fixed most of the things that were needing repair and is helping us get ready for the winter which is just ahead.  A great relief.  We must have support and help as dementia caregivers.  I like to think of it as a team of supporters, which include:  legal advice, financial advice, help cleaning, spiritual direction, handyman repair, health practitioners, and people who help me/us have fun. 

Who is on your team of supporters?  Do you have one for everything you need?

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