May 26, 2011


"Complaining is a way of reinforcing the mindset of scarcity and lack.  If something is wrong, take action to set it right rather than complaining. Even in threatening or difficult situations optimists are thankful for the challenges that help them overcome their limitations." Dr. Joan Borysenko.

Tall order perhaps.  I agree that complaining is a waste of time and may even bring negativity into one's life.  But to be thankful for the challenges that help us overcome our limitations?  Wow.  I am always looking for what I have to learn from any given difficult situation; now I can aim at at even higher intention:  being thankful.  Being a dementia caregiver is a difficult and challenging situation.  What can we be thankful for amidst this situation?  One thing for which I am thankful is that this situation forced me to remove myself from the world of over activity/over achievement.  Since I have a quieter (but perhaps no less busy) life, I have more time and energy to focus upon my own spiritual journey. That is a gift this situation has given me for which I am thankful.

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