May 23, 2011


"Any kind of ending can leave us feeling "deserted," as if our lives have gone barren and dry."  Martha Beck.

In the June 2011 Oprah magazine, Martha Beck has an article on how to deal with the endings and goodbyes in life.  Some of it seems applicable to any loss, including the losses we experience in relationship to being dementia caregivers.  We can strive to be like Rilke, "Want the change.", which in some difficult situations may be too much to strive for, or we can implement some thoughtful strategies to help us through the difficulties.  Beck suggests that we release, rather than try to let go, something that is ending.  She suggests that we think about the difficult situation, and on each inhale of breath silently say the mantra, "Let it happen"; and on each exhale, say or think "Let it go."  She suggests continuing this for several minutes as a way to weed trauma and drama out of our lives.  Worth trying.  And not just in our roles as dementia caregivers, but in dealing with all the endings and losses of our lives.  Loss of prestige, image, physicality, freedom, relationships, professional status, etc. etc.

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