May 12, 2011

Meditation benefits

"Your intention rules life and determines the outcome," Oprah.

I agree that one's intentions determine the path and the outcome of one's life.  So, too, the path of caregiving.  Having the intention of caregiving graciously helps me to actually do it.  Another tool to assist this is meditation.  Long applauded by some for its benefits, new research from Harvard indicates that meditation actually increases brain size, adding to the other known benefits of lowering stress and blood pressure.  So, meditation is something we can add to our day.  I find I can make time for it in the morning before Dwane wakes.  20 minutes.  It is simple.  Sit in a comfortable position, notice your breath, when your mind wanders (and it will) return to noticing your breath.  Some advocate for focusing on a single word or an object, such as a rose.  But focusing on your breath is easy and effective. 

As we provide care for someone with dementia, let us consider adding meditation as a support for our own health. 

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