Dec 6, 2012

A Day of Shopping

"If we practice self-hatred, then the sacrifice we make of ourselves and our lives is not sacred, for it is then a gift of something we hate rather than of something that we have nurtured and loved." Gwynneve, nun 500 AD

A full day of fun and shopping.  Dwane wanted to do his Christmas shopping, so off we went after PT.  First to lunch, then to a few stores of his choosing.  He is doing so much better with PT re-established.  Walking better, more upright.  We made a list during lunch, to facilitate our trip and make it more efficient, as he tires quickly.  I had already ordered the gifts for the grandchildren overseas, and we got all the rest done today.  Whew.  Dwane had good stamina and was able to walk in the stores more than the last time we had an outing.  Later this week, I will decorate his room for the holidays, we will address cards, and wrap presents.  A day well spent. 

This nun, Gwyneeve, of long ago has good advice for us today.  Self hatred is a poor gift for anyone.  It is so important to have healthy self regard.  Then we are a gift to ourselves and others.  Name one thing you like about yourself today. 

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